Smoking can kill you- People who smoke are not bad people but, smoking is bad for people.

It has been observed that due to work pressure, many people start smoking. Some people start as occasional smokers and then with time, they turn into chain smokers. One of the most unhealthy practices, smoking can cause numerous diseases. Employees should be motivated not to indulge in this bad habit and to refrain from smoking. Use this educational chart SMOKING CAN KILL YOU to educate your employees on how cigarettes damage health, on what diseases are caused by smoking and on how to quit smoking.

You can get this designer educational chart in different sizes as given below.  Additionally, you have the option to get it professionally laminated & framed so that it is ready to display. We encourage you to buy this chart along with the other educational charts in the category so that the complete message on ‘Say No to Addiction’ is available at your workplace.



20'' x 30'', 24'' x 36''