Safety is as simple as ABC


Accidents and deaths at workplace are not destiny. According to the International Labour Organization, each year, one worker dies every 15 seconds due to a workplace accident. This is a staggering figure. It is vital for every organization to take every possible measure to safeguard the health and safety of its employees. Additionally, it is upto the employees to take every possible measure to ensure their own safety at work.

It is said that employees generally get prone to accidents as they forget to take the appropriate safety measure when they are too much engrossed in work. This means that they need constant reminders! Our designer poster acts as a constant reminder that urges employees to always be careful and take appropriate precautions.

You can get this designer poster in different sizes as given below.  Additionally, you have the option to get it professionally laminated & framed so that it is ready to display. We encourage you to buy this poster along with other posters in the category so that different messages on ‘Workplace Safety’ are available at your workplace.



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