Kai + Zen = KAIZEN – Change for good

The Japanese concept of Kaizen, pioneered by Toyota in Japan, ensures Lean, efficient working in any organization.  The importance of Kaizen should never be undermined at the workplace and this designer poster ensures that this never happens! The Japanese concept of Kaizen means ‘change for the better’. This poster explains the meaning of this Japanese term in a simple language. The progressively increasing graph alongside the quote acts as a constant reminder of what a well implemented system of kaizen can achieve – Drastic improvements in efficiency, productivity and quality at the workplace.

You can get this designer poster in different sizes as given below.  Additionally, you have the option to get it professionally laminated & framed so that it is ready to display. We encourage you to buy this poster along with other posters in the category so that the complete message on ‘KAIZEN’ is available at your workplace.



16'' x 20'', 20'' x 25'', 24'' x 30''