80-20 RULE



In a Quality Management System (QMS), it is very important that each & every employee of the company understands how the achievement of key performance indicators (KPIs), helps in meeting the company’s quality policy & hence in attaining customer satisfaction. Teach this valuable lesson to your people through an educational chart on QMS developed by us. The chart depicts the relationship between the KPIs, quality objectives and the This poster can be combined with ‘Quality Management’ educational charts or ‘Quality Basics’ series. Also Posters under this series are: 1. 7-QC Tools 2. QM Tree 3. Our Aim-Zero Defects 4. QCD-Three components of customer satisafction 5. Fish Bone- Cause & Efeect analysis Poster 6. 80-20 Rule Poster 7. 5Whys- Poster 8. PDCA Poster

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